crucible act 3 pt 2

I think Abigail is the one who is starting to hold power over the men and women. She has accused everyone and she is manipulative enough to make them believe her little act. Abigail accuses everyone else of being a witch and doing witchcraft but she doesn’t admit to them that she was in the […]

Japanese internment camps

I think the camps were a big part of a hysteria because they mad all the Japanese seem to be bad people because of what those who did the pearl harbor ones did. I think that it was an interesting topic. This is a more of a big topic that has been made to a […]

crucible act 3

I think Giles because the whole time he showed that he was scared and he was honest. Giles was arrested and tried to change it and help himself because he knew he didn’t do it. The reverend and judges don’t know Giles personality as much as the people of Salem do. Giles is more of […]

crucible act 2 pt 2

what message does the author convey through these portrayals? how does this reflect puritan values? I believe the author like downs the women because they are lesser of a man and they are not as equal. I think the author made them witches and stuff because he wanted to portray how women aren’t as equal […]

crucible act 2 response

I think the author didn’t give some events right away so it would hit us when we least expect it. Also I think the author did this so it will build some tension and get us thinking. Maybe he wanted to surprise us. He wanted us to feel like it was unexpected and like it […]

crucible act 1

I feel he has feelings for her and still cares for her. Although at times its pretty hard to tell. He told her he thinks soft of her sometimes but before┬áhe would get back with her he would rather cut off is hand. He smiled at her and told her he might’ve thought about what […]

In American History we had to pretend like we were apart of one of the trails and that we were living it. We had to make a journal to a friend or a diary about what was happening to us. Here is my Journal to a friend: Dear Jolene, How is it back in Salt […]

Outcasts response

No they did not work well together at all. They all kept their bad ways and ended up turning against each other. One of the guys ended up stealing the horses and leaving them all behind. They went on very little food for 10 days and they all ended up hating each other. After they […]

Experience at Sophomore Academy

My experience in the sophomore academy was good. I learned a lot about medicine and people in the medical field. Being in the Sophomore Academy and having all my classes based upon the medical field helped me learn much more tremendously. It was an excellent growing experience being here because it helped me learn and […]