Smile for the Camera

It was a late night as I drove my small car into the driveway. Coming to a complete stop, I sighed in exhaustion. I carried my bag out of the car with me and with wobbly legs, got out. I didn’t know being a photographer is hard work. I guess that’s karma for me being lazy. Anyways, while I got out my keys to unlock the door, I heard a Thump” noise. I jerked my head to look around, then when I heard the noise again, I look down and saw it was just my bag hitting against the cement ground. Chuckling lightly at myself for being so paranoid, I headed inside my cozy home and set my bag gently down on the floor. “Home sweet home.” I joked, despite being paranoid from earlier.  I was too tired to watch TV or eat anything and decided to go and change into my pajamas. Opening the door and walking into my room, I Glanced up at the clock, it reading “12:49”. Shaking my head and changing into my pj’s, I finally got into bed and pulling my lavender colored bed sheets onto me. I slowly closed my eyes as darkness enveloped around me.

It wasn’t even ten minutes when my phone went off. Cursing at myself for leaving my phone on ringtone mode instead of vibration. Sighing in irritation, I picked up my phone and unlocked it. Ding!” I jumped at the noise my phone made and dropped it on the ground. Once I calmed down again, I picked it back up again another message went through. Ding!” I clicked on the screen of my phone and I saw. . . myself? Huh? I thought, confused. Another message sent through until my phone went off every five seconds. Each photo it viewed me, but getting closer. And closer, and closer. . . until the next picture that went through, it was the view of my back. I straightened up in surprise and fear. Who and what was behind me and how has my house alarm not set off by now?! “Ding!” I slowly looked down at my phone and saw a message notification. Before I could open it, I felt something, like a hand grabbing around my throat. It got tighter and tighter until I could barely breath anymore. I tried to grasp the hand around my throat but I felt nothing. Choking and desperate, I grabbed my phone and dialed nine-one-one and clicked the call button. “Hello? Is this- ah!-” The hand was getting even tighter. “Help! I need your help! Someone’s or something is-” I was cut off by a heavy, slow, breathing. I stopped (and almost stopped breathing too from the hand around my throat) and the last thing I heard before something stabbing my eyes into darkness was. . .

“Smile for the camera.”

A/N Hoped you enjoyed! This is my first time writing a spooky story so it may be a little bad. If I made any mistakes please let me know and I also accept constructive criticism. Thank you for reading and let me know how I did! If you want me to write more stories, just comment for suggestions for request! Till’ next time,


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