Crucible Act Three Pt. 2

The women have in hold all the power. Abigail is all in control right now making the men look weak. A 17 year old that has power over 3 older men. Also with the judge Mr. Danforth but threating him. By saying ” Let me beware, Mr. Danforth. Think you to be so mighty that the power of Hell not turn your wits.”(Miller 188). Then Mary saved herself by framing Proctor. That he was one of the devils workers.

Japanese Internment

In American History we learned about the Japanese Internment after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. We had to make a mind map on a person who survived the Japanese Internment camp. My partner and I picked a woman named Aiko Herzig-Yoshinaga. Where she went through the camps in her 18’s through her 20’s. She proved the government wrong for sending the Japanese to camps. I think the Japanese Internment was a mass hysteria. Because Japanese people didn’t know why the United States were sending them to camps, for something they didn’t do. They did it because they thought they weren’t faithful to them.

Crucuible Act 3

I think Mr. Danforth is a honorable person. He actually listens to both sides of the story. Which he makes him start thinking about this whole court. But there is some parts where they would lie to him but he would believe them by the things their saying. ” He starts to think that she isn’t lying but that understandable because everyone is lying and he’s probably confused on what to believe.” ( Miller 186)

Crucible Act Two Pt. 2

In the story so far, mostly the women are treated badly. Because they being treated like property. The men have full control on them. probably to seem like they own them.  But Abigail is the one with more control. Because she has them on her palm. She has mostly everyone threatened if they saying about her. Which is giving her more power against them.

Cruciable Act 2

I think he chose to give the information about the courts off stage because he wants the information to be given second handed from character to character. Because maybe he wants the characters to react to it in a over exaggerated way. It also adds more drama into it making you wonder about it more. It also brings less attention onto the event. Like when Elizabeth was arguing that she was done with them arguing.

Crucible Act One Pt.2

one relationship that stood out to me is the one between Tituba and Abigail. They both knew they had a secret about each other. Until Abigail said that she was a witch. Abigail said that Tituba told to goes to her to drink blood. “She comes to me every night to go and drink blood!” (Milller). Tituba later on lies that she didn’t do any of that, for she wouldn’t get killed. Probably Tituba later on will have hate against Abigail.

Crucible: Act 1

I believe John Proctor doesn’t want anything to do with Abigail. Because he told Abigail that ” I’ll not be comin’ for you more” ( Miller 145). Other reason why I believe that is when Abigail brought up Elizabeth. He defended Elizabeth when he said ” You’ll speak nothin’ of Elizabeth!” ( Miller 146). He still has feelings for Elizabeth, because if he didn’t he wouldn’t have defended her in the first place.

Outcast Response

In English we read a short story from Bret Harte “The Outcast of Poker Flat. we were assigned to write a response if the team was successful or not. My response is right below.

I think the team was in between because their was times they didn’t work together, and sometimes they did. One member left the team and took their transportation to Poker Face. But Mother Shipton did help them by risking her life. By starving herself to death. Because she noticed Piney had more to do in life. But not all of them didn’t make alive, other than Tom Simson. I think they didn’t make it because they didn’t communicate as a team. But Mr. Oakhurst also helped Tom by letting him use the snowshoes which help him make it to Poker Flat.

Trail West Journal

In my American History, we learned about the Trails West. We had an assigned assignment that we have to do a journal entry. We would have to write about how a pioneer would have felt about their trip going west. Right below is my journal.

April 16, 1841
Dear journal,
My name is Chris and I’m 16. My parents made the decision that we should move from Missouri to California. Because the land of California lured my parents because of their land and the adventures. They were also seeking for new opportunities and homes there. I was really excited to go to California because we get to see new land and many other things. I start the trail around the first day of February, and it’s April. My family started traveling in spring because my parents didn’t want to worry about the bad winters later on. But what sucks is that my brothers, and sisters have to come with. Hopefully their not annoying on the way there. When we were on our way to California my father told me that it was 2,000 miles of trails! That’s almost 3 to 6 months long in a wagon. I, my sisters, and brothers had to walk in some parts because my mother was mostly the only one able to be in the wagon. So we mostly did many chores that our parents needed us to do. For example get water from rivers or streams, me , and my brother would fish with my father for food. I even had to learn how to make a fire. On the way we didn’t see anything so exciting we just mostly go through prairies and a lot of mountains. But the thing I like to see is the river we cross because their nice to look at. We had some trouble along the way. Indians were trying to steal our oxes one night. It was really scary but my father convicted them to let us go with our oxes. By trading some stuff we had in the wagon. Also once the wheel of our wagon have fell off, and we all had to fix it. So we were kind of low on supplies. Until they told us we have arrived to California. Till next time journal.

My Experience In The Sophomore Academy

I had fun experiencing at the sophomore academy. Its really different to my regular home school. Because we have the privilege to communicate with other high schools. I also liked how we learned History and English in a medical field way. I also learned many other options in the medical field too. I joined because I wanted to see if I would like to join the medical field. It helped me to with understand more about the obstacles that the medical field has.