Sophomore Year

I am a sophomore at East high school, and I attend the Medical Academy in downtown Sioux City.  My biggest goal at this moment is to stay focused and get good grades, so later on I can get good scholarships. I am planning to attend collage to become a Pediatrician. My interest right now include testing and applying new make up, I love watching daily vlogs on YouTube, also I have a big interest in little kids, I love taking care of them and being with them.  This year has been very good for me, I have meet new people, and experienced many different thing like going to mount Rushmore and I am going to Florida in december. I love hanging out with my best friend Nicole Flores and my other friends also.

Junior Year

¡Hola, mi nombre es Chelsea Ramirez! I am a determined Hispanic teenage girl, I am a fluent speaker and writer in both English and Spanish. I live in Sioux City IA, I am currently a 16 year old junior attending East High School and the Medical Academy downtown. At the moment I have many interest and hobbies for example watching family vloggers on YouTube, as well as beauty influencers. One of my biggest passions is doing make up and recreating looks I see anywhere wither it be on myself or my sister. A big hobby for me is to spend time with my family, my best friend Nicole Flores, and very close friends I have meet while in the medical academy. I am a loud, confident, and social individual, which most of the time as a good thing. I am involved in Multicultural at my school and ii love it, this year me and my best friend Nicole might become the new Vice presidents for our school. Another one if both my biggest passions and interest is little kids and the medical field. My whole life I have loved being around babies, toddlers and kids in general. The medical and health field has always intrigued me, I love caring and helping people in any way possible, this might be the reason why I want to be a pediatrician in the future. I have many goals in my life one of the most important to me Is to graduate and become a certified Pediatrician. At the moment my goal is to graduate high school but also some out as a CNA, that way I can start heling people as soon as I can. When I finish high school I am hoping to attend Briar Cliff University here in IA, or any other collage/university the suits me. Getting in anywhere won’t be easy and that is what motivates my while I’m in school. I am trying my best to have great grades all year. So far 2017 has been great I attended WITT in the spring with all my classmate to present my project on Registered Nurses, I passed Drivers Ed and soon I will get my intermediate license. Also I will be going to Mexico this year to visit family. 2017 has been an amazing year so far and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds and also 2018.