Hello, My name is Anesa I am currently a junior at West High school. I am in the wall-to-wall junior medical academy. My future career is to be an Ob doctor. I was previously thinking to be an Ob-gyn, but now that i think of it i think that just being an OB is fine for me only because i like the fact of bringing a new life into this world, to me it’s almost like saving a life, or something similar. Honestly im not even sure what college to attend to yet. I was thinking somewhere out of town/state such as Arizona or New Mexico. My interests are pretty simple. Stuff like graffiti on a wall, or mexican-gangster art, my favorite because it’s really creative. Also i am into lowriders, trucks, old cars and all of that. Im not really that girl that likes girly cars or clothes or have that really girly personality. I mostly grew up around boys so back in my mind im thinking of my other career is to be like a mechanic and grow in that area. Either or it’s kind of a hard decision to me. This is a little about me.