Crucible Act Three Pt. 2 Response

The younger children have the power. They have taken control of the town and what happens. Because Abigail is coming up with this story and she can accuse anyone she wants she taken the power from everyone else. Basically what she says goes and the adults will go along with what she says. They wont […]

Mind Map

Our mind map was about Japanese internment camps.  My person was Fumi  hayashi and I wrote about how her life was affected by the camps and what happened after the release.  To me the camps were excessive, they had gone too far with attacking people from japan.  It was not fair to them to just […]

Crucible Act Two Pt. 2 Response

In the play women are shown as less dominate to men. Very fragile and innocent to everything.  It shows that their values are discriminating against genders. They believe women are less significant they men are. They believe women rent as strong nor smart to be attempting what men are doing.

Crucible Act Two Response

It’s a way to get us hooked to the story. Also to keep us interested until the end of the story. And it gives us a little bit of a surprise to see what happened before the time of the conversations. And to compare the characters behavior to when that event happened. It makes the […]

Crucible Act One Pt. 2 Response

Abigail’s relationship with the rest of the girls who were there could be damaged. Because she had threatened them and dragged them into the conflict. It could cause more issues with the trials. Because the girls could become scared to tell the truth about what actually happened. And so the the trials will continue and […]

crucible act one response

Yes, i believe John proctor still has feelings for Abigail.  Because he still teases her about the affair. And willing speaks about it with Abigail.  Abigail had asked if he had been looking up at her window to what he responses with “I may have looked up” (Miller, p.145).  And throughout the entire time he […]

All About Me

Hi, I’m Clarissa Arellano. I’m a junior at west high school.  As of right now I’m involved with a lot of extracurricular at my school. Such as cheer, soccer, national honors, student council and freshman mentoring.  I love being involved with all these different activities. For my future I know what I want. I hope […]

outcast’s response

Clarissa Arellano English ll 9/7/17 Blog outcast’s response I believe that they were a successful group.  Reason number one they got along together. An example is when they sat around the fire they would tell stories to each other.  Reason number two they helped each other. Once the storm came they were helping one another […]