Sophomore Wall to Wall

This school year has been fun. The environment is a good change instead of staying in a designated area for learning. The ways the teachers teach was fun and helped me improve on many things. I learned that many things are hurtful in the world but people all around the world is trying their best to stop or prevent it. Other things that popped up while I was here was skills of communication, time management and other things that i could not spell.

Welcome to My Medical Protfolio

With this portfolio I’m hoping to be in the medical field. With this site I will share what have i been doing for this Wall to Wall medical academy. With my essays, and project of this year well be documented so the public can see. Wall to Wall medical academy class are all medical based. They bring in speakers of the medical career and inform us What they do and how they help others. The recent one I’m interested in is the medical unit in the Air Force.