Gift of Friends

Question: What do you believe are the 5 qualities of friendship that are most important? 

I think my five qualities for friendship is Honesty, I dislike people who don’t tell the truth. It tells me they don’t care for friends, and shows disrespect. My second quality is Respect, they can tell me all the things they’ll do to show respect; I really wouldn’t care to hear they need to show me respect, show they can be positive and not do something very despicable enough that I wont be around them anymore. My third quality is Patience, It hurts to see people being rushed or mentally pushed to do something and it isn’t their fault.If they can’t take time and make sure to have things done or let me have time to think about something; then they aren’t the friend for me. My fourth quality is Empathy, it would be a good choice if they showed me that they cared for me and I can rely on them and I could do the same thing for them. the last quality would have to be Loyalty /  Trustworthiness / Confidence. I really like when i can trust friend to tell me if they have any problems or i can tell them my problems