Productivity Log #1 (1/14)

Book: Leaving Paradise by Siomone Elkeles

Pages: 303 (finished)

Simone Elkeles is one of my favorite authors. This is the first book from the series and I cant wait to get the second book for it. I really like this book even though its cheesy at times, its still cute and romantic. Theres also a big plot twist towards the end that changes everything about the characters relationship.

The Crucible

I think who was to be blamed for the Crucible was Abigail Williams. She was the one who lied about her and 3 other girls were in the forest seeing the devil and doing witchcraft. She started lying about what had happened and started to accuse other for something that wasn’t true. They first accused Tituba and then she started to accused others so she could save herself. John Proctor and Abigail were having an affair but soon Proctor broke it off but not completely. So when Proctors wife, Elizabeth was accused, it was all apart of Abigail’s plan to get ride of her so she could be back with John. Soon everyone was being accused and they were getting arrested. If they would have confessed they would live but since it wasn’t true, they didn’t confess but some did. Those who did not confess were hung. At the end, Abigail knew how bad things have gotten and ran away.